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USPS Tracking

Getting junk mail is one of the things that frustrates me the most in my journey to zero waste. I feel like all the efforts I’m making to prevent trash from entering my house are ruined by the junk mail that filtrates through my mailbox. post office tracking number
Through research and experiences, I came up with the following list of solutions which will help you dramatically reduce the amount of junk, promotional or unwanted mail in your mailbox. usps shipping times
Do not feel discouraged by the number of items on this list. Tackle them one at a time (or all at the same time if you feel like it). If you’ve been following me for some time now, you might have read this article and installed 1Password on your computer, so signing up for these services will run smoothly, or as we say in French comme une lettre à la poste (like a letter at the post office).
Preventive solutions
1. Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages publishers know that there is no point of delivering a print directory to someone who does not want one. Based on your zip code, the system will identify which subscriptions you may receive and offer you the option to opt out.
2. DMA choice
DMAchoice™ is an online tool developed by the Direct Marketing Association, it will help you:
– have your name removed from the lists companies use to find new customers or donors, and magazine publishers use to find new subscribers,
– stop receiving catalogs from companies you haven’t purchased from or magazine offers from publishers you haven’t subscribed to,
– stop receiving mail offers from companies you haven’t donated to or purchased from.
3. OptOutPreScreen
OptOutPrescreen.com is a centralized service to accept and process requests from consumers to opt-in or opt-out of firm offers of credit or insurance. It offers two options:
– electronic opt-out for five years: your name will not be eligible for inclusion on lists used for firm offers of credit or insurance for five years.
– permanent opt-out by mail: your name will no longer be eligible for inclusion on lists for firm offers of credit or insurance (in order to complete your permanent opt-out election, you must print and mail the permanent opt-out election form).
4. Inform your letter carrier
Even if this won’t solve all the unsolicited mail problems, communicating your preferences with the person who actually puts the mail in your mailbox can go a long way. Explain your situation, zero waste lifestyle and discuss solutions with him/her.
5. Addressed mail only
Putting signs like Addressed mail only, [Former Resident’s Name] does not live at this address, No Other Tenants Besides [Your Name] on your mailbox might work too. Even though you might have already told your letter carrier that you only want addressed mail in your mailbox, a visual reminder can be a strong one.
Pro-active solutions
6. Catalog choice
Catalog choice is a free service to opt out of catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, phone books, circulars and more. The process is pretty simple:
– you receive unwanted mail: unwanted catalogs, coupons and credit card offers, donation requests, and other junk mail arrive daily and clutter your home or office,
– you report it to them: you can simply log in to create a free account and register your opt-outs online. Just search for the company, and submit the opt—out,
– they’ll take it from there: they act on your behalf to protect your consumer rights and get your opt-outs processed. You can keep track of your opt-outs, and if you receive the mail again, they will follow up!
7. Change of address
It’s been a couple months now that I’m in my new house, and I still receive mail addressed to the previous tenants. Our letter carrier made us fill out a form with our names and new address, so I thought that we would never get unwanted mail again. I can be so naive sometimes!
So I decided to take the matter into my own hands and followed the advice I found in this article.
I went to the post office to fill out a change of address form in the name of the previous tenant whose mail I regularly receive (the online form won’t work because it requires a forwarding address). In lieu of a new address, I wrote “Moved, no forwarding address” and added “form filled in by current resident, [My Name], agent for the above” next to my signature.
8. Return to sender
For first class mail, according to the reason why I received unwanted mail, I write one of these messages and give it back to the letter carrier: Refused, Return to Sender, No Longer at This Address, Take me off your mailing list.
9. Contact the sender
One kind of mail which cannot be returned to the sender (because return service is usually not included) is the “or current resident” mail. I left a note on my door saying that I only wanted mail addressed to me, my husband, or our respective companies, but the letter carrier explained to me that he has to deliver the “or current resident” mail, since the current resident is us. I guess that it would be considered that he did not do his job properly if he did not deliver the mail to the current resident. I usually look for the sender’s contact information and ask for my name and address to be removed from his database.

ups tracking

ups tracking number

USPS Tracking

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a state-owned Postal company of the United States federal government which helps in providing US mail and US postal tracking . USPS is currently equipped with more than 600,000 thousand employees and over 200,000 Vehicles. The USPS has extraordinary services to access the letter boxes marked “U.S. Mail” and personal letterboxes in the United States.

The USPS also faces its competition from delivery services, such as UPS and has part use with FedEx Express. It provides best facilities to its users and gives them best satisfactory results along with USPS delivery times. The USPS is the only best delivery service that reaches every address in the nation, 151 million residences, businesses and Post Office Boxes. It has about 32,000 retail USPS locations, annual revenue of $66 billion and delivers nearly 40 percent of the world’s mail.

When you use USPS delivery services the company provides facilitates the customers in monitoring the process of delivery from step to step. And that too tracking USPS by using online service is a prerogative of every big company, operating across the USA. For this, a unique track number is assigned to all the packages at the time of ordering the parcel.

The customers are advised to keep the USPS number until you receive your mail or package. In the USPS web page, you can use the USPS international tracking service to check the current status of your mail. You can also USPS shipping calculator or USPS postage calculator to calculate the delivery charges and USPS rates are readily available for the customers to benifit.

You can use USPS ground tracking service on k2track which allows you to check whether their mail, postcard or package have been delivered to the destination successfully, or they are still in the process to reach its destination. This helps in saving the customers time.

Methods For USPS Tracking

They are basically four methods to track our USPS mails, parcels, and packages.

Using the tracking box which is located in the page www uses com tracking. By entering your USPS tracking numbers in the box provide to track we can easily find our shipment details.
By directly visiting the official site at tools.usps.com/track of USPS. Here you need to enter the numbers that we want to track. In this service, there is a facility of tracking more than 10 packages at a time by giving the tracking numbers separated by commas. And the information is available on the next page itself.
In case if we cannot access through internet services then this is the best option to track our service easily. We can directly talk to the company executive by calling to 1-800-222-1811. They provide us with accurate and instant details of our shipment.
The final method to check the status is by using Global EMS Tracking Links system. In this when our emails or packages have departed from America, we can check them on the official EMS sites of the destination countries and know the information.
Service Offered

The USPS is a monopolistic company in the USA which offers a wide range of different services to the customers. The company aims at delivery of different items, no matter how unusual or valuable they are. Thus, the customers always want to know about the confirmation and are sure that their USPS hold mail had been shipped to the addressee on time.

Since 2011, domestic postage levels are as follows:

Priority Mail Express. This service guarantees overnight delivery to any location inside the country. Besides, the USPS track service is included.
Priority Mail. Depending on the kind of a shipment, the delivery time ranges from 1 to 3 days. Track shipment USPS is included (you are not obliged to order tracking and pay any additional fee for it).
First Class Mail. Shipment Delivery takes approximately 2-3 days. In this case, the price varies by the weight and size of a parcel (usually used for delivery of postcards, letters or packages).
Standard Post is the cheapest one and makes the best choice for those who are not ready to pay much for the service, and agree to wait for a parcel up to 6 weeks.
Besides, there are some extra services, provided by USPS; that might be attractive to customers:

Certificate of Mailing
USPS tracking
Registered Mail and Delivery like USPS priority mail international
Collect on Delivery
Signature Confirmation
USPS Tracking Number Format

USPS tracking numbers will be provided to the customer at UPS hub when you order a parcel or package. The number assigned for domestic packages in the USA normally has the prefix ‘IZ’ which is followed by a six character shipper number which generally consists of figures and letters.

After the IZ in the tracking number, there are a couple of figures which are used to indicate the mode of shipment it is assigned to. For, the example for the transportation the number would be 03, while for the United States next day air for early Saturday morning distribution this number would be forty-one. In total, they are 22 such codes which offer the shopper an idea of the which mode it is and transportation requirements.

The USPS tracking number will never end with these types of 2 numbers but, it still contains 8 digits USPS tracking number. Finally, the USPS shipping number has a total of 18 character types.

The most common tracking number format is 20 digits (e.g. 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999), or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 alphabets, following by 9 digits, and ending by “The US” (e.g. EA 999 999 999 US). Some other less common formats may also exist, such as 10 digits.

Each service has different label number format. For example, Priority Mail may have a prefix of ‘EC’ while Registered Mail may have a prefix of ‘RA’. The tracking page consists of the following information:

It displays the status and current location of your shipment / package.
Information regarding your package (Contents, Origin and Destination locations).
It also displays the expected date and time of delivery.
It displays the history of the locations where the UPS track package was processed
You can also Track & Confirm through e-mail directly.
You can also use the USPS Tracking map to view the location visually.

ups tracking

ups tracking number